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The perfect hybrid of comprehensive dental treatment and relaxation amenities.

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One of our goals is to make our patients feel relaxed and calm during their dental visits. With this in mind, we are delighted to offer the services of our resident Holistic Therapist, Rachel Morris (MFHT No. 171220).

Whether you are looking to decrease pain and stress, rehabilitate after an injury, or take a proactive approach to your health and wellness, Rachel can assist in creating a specialised plan just for you in one of our tranquil, relaxing therapy rooms.

Rachel has trained at the Manchester School of Massage, the London School of Reflexology and the College of Auricular Acupuncture, London.

Rachel’s qualifications include:

  • VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Indian Head Massage
  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, Advanced Facial
  • Reflexology Bergman Zone Method
  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Massage
  • Practitioners Diploma in Hopi Ear Candling/Thermo Auricular
  • Diploma in Hot Stone Massage
  • Practitioners Certificate in Auricular Acupuncture
  • Practitioners Diploma in Pregnancy Massa

Holistic Therapy Menu

Swedish Massage

A relaxing medium to firm pressure massage using effleurage, consisting of long strokes and petrissage techniques, involving the kneading of the muscles. Our recommended choice for clients looking to de-stress and unwind, especially great if you are new to massage and looking to incorporate holistic therapy as part of a well balanced lifestyle. Grapeseed oil is used and is suitable for all skin types.

60 mins £45
90 min £65

Sports Massage

This is a targeted massage focussing on specific areas of the body that require muscular relief. Athletes, regular gym goers, runners and even desk workers suffering from back tension will benefit from this treatment. It will help maintain flexibility, reduce risk of injury, release and reduce tension in muscles and improve your range of motion.

60 mins £45
90 mins £65

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is similar to Swedish Massage but uses slower, deeper massage techniques to reach the deeper muscle layers in the body. It can also help relieve chronic muscle tension throughout the body from neck pain to upper back pain, and can help break down scar tissue or knots that are deep in the muscles.

60 mins £45
90 mins £65

Pregnancy Massage

A wonderful way to achieve relaxation for you during your second and third trimester. It will help nurture your body and mind. Many benefits include: help alleviate backache, ease the symptoms of restless legs, help soothe the aches in your muscles and joints and help improve sleep.

60 mins £45
90 mins £65

Hot Stone Massage

Heated flat basalt stones are used to massage and relax your muscles. A stress-busting treatment designed to help relax and unwind the body and mind. The warmth and pressure of the stones allows a deeper pressure to be gradually applied. This will help reduce stress levels as the heat melts away any built up tension.

60 mins £45
90 mins £65

Aromatherapy Massage

A calming and light pressured massage using pre-blended oils. The main benefit is the absorption of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils through the skin. Deeply soothing and suitable for all ages. We only use organically grown UK skincare products that are 100% pure and hand crafted.

60 mins £49
90 mins £69


This is the application of pressure point therapy to the feet also known as the reflex points which correspond to specific parts of the body. Reflexology helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and stops the ‘fight or flight’ response and allows the body to relax deeply and start the healing process. This is a popular treatment to help combat stress.

45 mins £40
60 mins £45

Facial Reflexology Bergman Zone Method

Gently working the reflex points on the face, soothing the mind and helping to release tension around the face. A real calming and mood lifting treatment. This treatment can help manage bruxism, sinus congestion, anxiety, Bell’s palsy and insomnia and will leave you feeling deeply refreshed

60 mins £45

Indian Head Massage

A lovely, uplifting and relaxing treatment which includes the massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Just perfect for rejuvenating a tired mind.

45 mins £40
60 mins £45